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Storyteller / Performer / Director / Activist
  • mysteries of consciousness
  • animal rights
  • mindful existence
  • doors of perception
  • transformative
  • mind shifting
"Experience an oasis of creativity and mindfulness"

Studio loft in a singular backyard 19th century house

Entire Home

About My Space

A few years ago, I found this singular backyard building and turned the once forgotten big house into a center for the arts and activism.

The seperate studios that have been created, are inhabited by a small number of artists and a fantastic gang of cats.

The courtyard has been turned into a prosperous garden and the surroundings are quiet, but well connected to the center of the town.
We respect other's life and style as long as it does not harm or disrespect anybody.
We follow a vegan diet and ask our guests to not consume animal derived products when living in our home (if you're not, give it a try, it might surprise your senses).

One can find a train station right behind the street and it literally takes you in 15 Minutes to the vivid center of Berlin Mitte.

The neighborhood provides anything that is needed on a daily basis, from supermarkets to cafés to a beautiful park just behind the corner.

The studio apartment is a loft space of almost 100 square meters, has a big bathroom with a tub, a small but sufficient golden well equipped kitchen, a BIG working table and high ceilings.
Ideal for someone who is in town for a project that needs space to be finished or simply someone who loves to "breathe" in a room with no walls.

The furniture is kept minimalist with a very individual touch. And remember, you are surrounded by wonderful souls - so whatever you might need during your stay, just let us know and we will try to be of support.

About Myself

There are a few terms that might fit my approach to life: "meet the lion on your path" "no one is innocent" "a single person is the beginning of every global change" "lokah samastah sukhino bavanthu"

Andrea Splisgar is at once a performer, a narrative artist, a photographer, a filmmaker, a writer and a storyteller. She inhabits these roles interchangeably or switches personas in order to play different characters, fictions and rituals. Her work usually consists in a combination of these Medias and arts. The tales, figures and creatures developed by her are often embossed from the traditions of fantastic film and surrealistic literature. The intense quarrel with the different states of physical and psychological identities and metamorphoses transmits Splisgar into visionary dream pictures that move her characters into material and psychological states of emergency. In this case, the interlocking from sound, word and picture plays an exceptional role. Since 2000 Andrea Splisgar lives and works mainly in Berlin, Italy and Morocco. In 2005 she created the label DER MONDÄNE TIGER, under which pseudonym she develops various art projects and artistic cooperation’s. In 2012 she opened a new sanctuary of the arts and awareness in Berlin, that gives space to artists and activists that are considering a certain philosophy of life as the ideal of creative co – existence and welcome a vivid personal exchange of Zeitgeist.

(Video Description) synopsis "Chapter 14 - the dream of the disimbodied birds". Chapter 14 performs a tribute to all imagery and sound in film history that has left signs in one’s memory, inspired one’s own artistic language and fuels one’s own imagination<br />without inspiration of any kind – as without memory itself - no work of art could have ever been created.<br />nothing is original, originality is non – existent!<br />stealing only from what directly speaks to our heart and soul (in this case, acoustic excerpts from over 60 favorite film scenes), our thievery will transform into invaluable authenticity<br />the performance does not bother to conceal the thievery... the contrary! <br />it celebrates it, as if it is a daring dance into one’s own personal conquer of unknown territory,... always remembering what Jean-Luc Godard said:<br />‚It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to!’<br />

(Video Description) synopsis "Chapter 12 - a velvet revolution"<br />Inspired by time and space shifting Metaphors - <br />the Tarot Card no 12 (probably the most significant card of the desk) and the throwing of pigments during Holi festival in India - the performance shows a transformation of darkness into light through the representation of a hanged woman in an edge and timeless space, swinging weightless and releasing gravity, in a storm of illuminating pigments.<br />In order to shift from past into new shapes, to gain knowledge and new visions, the simple experience of reversing once state of being - literally turning physically and mentally upside down, to feel and see differently - and observe from new perspectives, is a dazzling moment of transitoriness -<br />dreamlike yet crystal clear.<br />

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Entire Home

2 Guests

1 Bedroom

1 Bed




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1 night minimum stay

10 nights maximum stay